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Scrap AWM Expansion, Consult.

The Guardian carried comment from MAPW’s President in its coverage of issues with the Australian War Memorial’s expansion.

The Medical Association for Prevention of War said the expansion project “as it stands” should be put on hold to allow for greater consultation on the “need for and purposes of any expansion of the memorial”.

“Current plans totally ignored extremely strong public sentiment about the need for the memorial to move away from showcasing weapons and military objects, and return to its core purpose of commemoration,” the association’s president, Sue Wareham, said.

“In addition, there have been repeated calls over many years for recognition and commemoration of the frontier wars, which the memorial have also ignored; it is long since time for these wars to be commemorated at the AWM, but the current expansion will not do that.

“In every respect, the approval processes for the current plans were a travesty of the democracy that Australians are said to fight for.”

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