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Reclaim Remembrance on Radio National.

MAPW President Dr Sue Wareham spoke with Radio National Breakfast about the ne  ed for the Australian War Memorial to commemorate Australia’s Frontier Wars. Listen back to Sue’s interview here. 

Students at Tasmania’s Cottage School listened to the interview as part of their research into Frontier Wars in Tasmania, and wrote to Sue via the ABC:

When we heard your interview, we were inspired to write letters to the people at the War Memorial to share our thoughts and I wanted to let you know that your interview impacted on us. Thousands of school students from all over Australia visit the War Memorial every year in the hope of learning about the history of their country. It’s extremely important that we know the truth of what happened in the past so when we are all grown up like you, we can pass on that knowledge. The information at The War Memorial should also about be the wars that took place on our very own soil.